Tired of Winter….

So everyone tells me…you can’t complain about winter this year…well, guess what…I’m complaining!  I totally hate the cold weather.  I lived in Western New York for 42 years….as Rhoda said…I ran away from home after 42 years…..

Moved to New Jersey.  Wow, weather was terrific.  Hardly any snow, temps stayed around the 40’s.  I was in heaven.

Then bam came the 90’s and winter storms….left and right!  I do blame the Canadians because it’s their cold blast coming down to us….

So I’m back in WNY, blizzards….storms….cold blasting wind….temps in the teens or below….

I hung out in this horrible weather because of my mom, my boyfriend and my daughters.

Well, my mom passed, my boyfriend passed, my daughters’ kids are getting older….I think it’s my time now. 

I’m going to start a new life for myself and become a Floridian!  Oh yeah, joining the seniors down there….can’t wait!

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