At this stage of my life….I don’t understand snow….what is the point….why do people want to live in a freezer…..

It decided to snow here.  Oh great!  So it gives us about 5 inches of snow.  You say…ONLY 5 INCHES!!  Yeah, 5 inches that can make me fall and break something…so you put on all your gear, hat, gloves, scarf, parka coat, snow boots, extra socks, heavy pants, layered sweaters…now you can barely walk.  Take the shovel, the brush for the car….start the car up and let it warm up as you shovel out your car, brush off all the windows and roof.  An hour later, your car is snow free.  Boom, another burst of snow comes, hello, can’t find my car!

The next day the temp is going to be in the 40’s.  Because you shoveled around your car, it melted and then refroze.  Now you have a skating rink around your car.  You try to get near your door but your legs are doing the hokey pokey dance.  Neighbor is watching you, skating around.  Do you think this person would come and help you……NOOOOO, she shouts, “Be careful”.  I proceed to scream about rude and ignorant people and she skoots into the house.

OK here comes the Old Lady in me.  In my day, you would help anyone especially an older person.  It was taught to you since you were small.  I taught my daughters and then I taught my grandkids.  Did this lady skipped the class to “Help Your Elderly Neighbor.” 


I’m going to Florida in May for 2 weeks.  I can’t wait.  I keep thinking about how warm it is there and soon I’ll be moving there and just watching the snow on the Weather Channel……

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