You are about to go on a journey into my crazy life.  I’m a Nana for 3 grandkids and a Babci for 1 granddaughter.  When my oldest daughter had her first child, she wanted him to call me Babci (which is grandmother in Polish).  But my mom was still alive and my girls called her Babci so I figured it would be too confusing.  Besides, I always wanted to be called Nana.  So my daughter would call me Babci, but I was watching her son, so I would call myself Nana.  Long story short, Nana won out!

By the time my youngest had her daughter, my mother passed.  So she started to call me Babci with her daughter.  Since I only saw her once a month or so, Babci won out for her.

It’s fun when we get together and I have 3 grandkids calling me “Nanny” and one saying Babci.  Let the roller coaster go!

So this blog will have lots of stories (which I call Stories for the Nursing Home).  People who hear me talk about my grandkids or my life, keep telling me to write a book.  I don’t know if I have patience for that but doing a bunch of short stories works for me.

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