Going to see the Grandkids plays

So on Saturday, I go to see my granddaughters play.  It was “Cats”.  Now I have to admit, I never saw the Broadway version of Cats.  So this was completely new to me.

First of all, they held it at a church hall.  A small church hall.  We had to wait for about an half hour to go inside.  OK…no problem.  Lots of parents, small kids, big kids, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins…..so I’m wondering, as we are waiting to go in, will their be enough seats.

The doors open and everyone pushes forward.  I look at the hall and it has side door entrances and people are pushing in.  OK…panic mode…find a seat!  I have my youngest daughter, her husband, their daughter and my other grandson with me.  We find a row of seats, while the older daughter comes with her husband and my oldest grandson.  OK…we all have seats….ummmm….wrong!  Now enters the mother-in-law, two aunts and two uncles!  Wonderful!!  Nobody told me I had to reserve another row.  So these people are whining to me….sorry….was not told….talk to your son and daughter-in-law….I’m not giving up my seat!!

This place was so crammed with people.  The isles had people sitting on the floor.  Up front, there was a whole section of kids sitting on the floor…all that is going thru my head….please Lord…no emergencies!  With all these people, the place was like a sauna.  I wore a sweater and was ready to strip down to my bra!

Then enters the Hulk and sits in front of me!!  I have a WALL in front of me!!  What the heck!!!  I think there should be a rule, if you are built bigger than a normal person, you go to the end of the line.  So I pushed my chair in the aisle so I could see!

The play was wonderful.  So many talented kids and their voices were great.  What shocked me was my granddaughter singing solos.  Her voice was wonderful!  Her brother said, “she sounded good better than when she sings at home”.  That’s a brother compliment.

Next is the Spring Concert with the two older ones.  Bring it on!!

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