Happy New Year 2020!!

Well it’s been a long time since I wrote anything.  There was a good reason for this.  I was fed up with all the snow up north that I made the decision to move to Florida!

It took me over a year to plan the move.  So many details.  Biggest one was getting all my stuff packed.  It’s amazing how 20 years of stuff you can accumulate.  I had to get rid of a lot of my stuff, which broke my heart, but I had a lot of help! 

My wonderful neighbors all pitched in and helped me.  What wonderful people and I really appreciated all the help!  Special thanks to Theresa and Lilly!  I don’t know how I would have made it if it wasn’t for them!

April Showers!

So April is still bringing low temps at night and the daytime we are lucky to reach 60’s.  For a distraction of this stupid weather, I spent 5 days with my daughter on Long Island.  Really enjoyed my days with my youngest granddaughter. 

While I was there, my family celebrated my 65th birthday with a Murder Mystery Birthday Party.  The theme was the 50’s malt shop.  My two oldest grandkids REALLY got into their parts!  It was extremely fun and my daughter transferred her dining room to look like a malt shop.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and milkshakes!  Very delish!

Now I’m an official Senior Citizen!!

Tired of Winter….

So everyone tells me…you can’t complain about winter this year…well, guess what…I’m complaining!  I totally hate the cold weather.  I lived in Western New York for 42 years….as Rhoda said…I ran away from home after 42 years…..

Moved to New Jersey.  Wow, weather was terrific.  Hardly any snow, temps stayed around the 40’s.  I was in heaven.

Then bam came the 90’s and winter storms….left and right!  I do blame the Canadians because it’s their cold blast coming down to us….

So I’m back in WNY, blizzards….storms….cold blasting wind….temps in the teens or below….

I hung out in this horrible weather because of my mom, my boyfriend and my daughters.

Well, my mom passed, my boyfriend passed, my daughters’ kids are getting older….I think it’s my time now. 

I’m going to start a new life for myself and become a Floridian!  Oh yeah, joining the seniors down there….can’t wait!

Seeing the Batman Lego Movie

I took my youngest grandson to see The Lego Movie a while back.  We had a wonderful time.  The theater just installed the new loungers and we just put our feet up, ate popcorn and just had a great time watching the movie.

So I decided I would like to see the Batman Lego Movie with the same grandson who has grown a bit.  I kept calling my daughter up and saying, Can I take him to see the Batman Movie?  Her response was, No, we have too much to do that weekend.  So I call again, get the same answer.  So at this point I don’t know what is going on.  They have a new dog that bites people, an alarm system for the house.  I’m warned not to come over uninvited. 

Now I watched these kids for 12 years.  12 years that I devoted to those kids.  Plus I would spend the night so they could go out.  I’m close to them but since I stopped watching them last year, she has turned the kids against me.  It really hurts.  This daughter is a daughter of privilege that I did everything for her.  I tended to neglected her sister because I was doing for her.  So it hurts even more. 

I wonder if this is Gods way of making me move my fanny and get out of this state.  I know I want to move but I seem to be dragging me feet.  Making excuses why I can’t go now.  After this incident, I’m going to get the Pod and start loading it up.  I’m going to Florida in May to see what I have to do to get an apartment and I would like to see if I could get a job at WDW. 

Going take my tape measure to see if I could fit all my furniture in the apartment.  In my mind, I can’t wait to get out of this cold.  Thus far the weather has been decent but you never know when the jet stream will dip and we will get socked with snow.

To make myself feel better, I’m going to see the movie by myself.  I loved the Lego Movie so I really can’t wait to see this one!


At this stage of my life….I don’t understand snow….what is the point….why do people want to live in a freezer…..

It decided to snow here.  Oh great!  So it gives us about 5 inches of snow.  You say…ONLY 5 INCHES!!  Yeah, 5 inches that can make me fall and break something…so you put on all your gear, hat, gloves, scarf, parka coat, snow boots, extra socks, heavy pants, layered sweaters…now you can barely walk.  Take the shovel, the brush for the car….start the car up and let it warm up as you shovel out your car, brush off all the windows and roof.  An hour later, your car is snow free.  Boom, another burst of snow comes, hello, can’t find my car!

The next day the temp is going to be in the 40’s.  Because you shoveled around your car, it melted and then refroze.  Now you have a skating rink around your car.  You try to get near your door but your legs are doing the hokey pokey dance.  Neighbor is watching you, skating around.  Do you think this person would come and help you……NOOOOO, she shouts, “Be careful”.  I proceed to scream about rude and ignorant people and she skoots into the house.

OK here comes the Old Lady in me.  In my day, you would help anyone especially an older person.  It was taught to you since you were small.  I taught my daughters and then I taught my grandkids.  Did this lady skipped the class to “Help Your Elderly Neighbor.” 


I’m going to Florida in May for 2 weeks.  I can’t wait.  I keep thinking about how warm it is there and soon I’ll be moving there and just watching the snow on the Weather Channel……

Going to see the Grandkids plays

So on Saturday, I go to see my granddaughters play.  It was “Cats”.  Now I have to admit, I never saw the Broadway version of Cats.  So this was completely new to me.

First of all, they held it at a church hall.  A small church hall.  We had to wait for about an half hour to go inside.  OK…no problem.  Lots of parents, small kids, big kids, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins…..so I’m wondering, as we are waiting to go in, will their be enough seats.

The doors open and everyone pushes forward.  I look at the hall and it has side door entrances and people are pushing in.  OK…panic mode…find a seat!  I have my youngest daughter, her husband, their daughter and my other grandson with me.  We find a row of seats, while the older daughter comes with her husband and my oldest grandson.  OK…we all have seats….ummmm….wrong!  Now enters the mother-in-law, two aunts and two uncles!  Wonderful!!  Nobody told me I had to reserve another row.  So these people are whining to me….sorry….was not told….talk to your son and daughter-in-law….I’m not giving up my seat!!

This place was so crammed with people.  The isles had people sitting on the floor.  Up front, there was a whole section of kids sitting on the floor…all that is going thru my head….please Lord…no emergencies!  With all these people, the place was like a sauna.  I wore a sweater and was ready to strip down to my bra!

Then enters the Hulk and sits in front of me!!  I have a WALL in front of me!!  What the heck!!!  I think there should be a rule, if you are built bigger than a normal person, you go to the end of the line.  So I pushed my chair in the aisle so I could see!

The play was wonderful.  So many talented kids and their voices were great.  What shocked me was my granddaughter singing solos.  Her voice was wonderful!  Her brother said, “she sounded good better than when she sings at home”.  That’s a brother compliment.

Next is the Spring Concert with the two older ones.  Bring it on!!


You are about to go on a journey into my crazy life.  I’m a Nana for 3 grandkids and a Babci for 1 granddaughter.  When my oldest daughter had her first child, she wanted him to call me Babci (which is grandmother in Polish).  But my mom was still alive and my girls called her Babci so I figured it would be too confusing.  Besides, I always wanted to be called Nana.  So my daughter would call me Babci, but I was watching her son, so I would call myself Nana.  Long story short, Nana won out!

By the time my youngest had her daughter, my mother passed.  So she started to call me Babci with her daughter.  Since I only saw her once a month or so, Babci won out for her.

It’s fun when we get together and I have 3 grandkids calling me “Nanny” and one saying Babci.  Let the roller coaster go!

So this blog will have lots of stories (which I call Stories for the Nursing Home).  People who hear me talk about my grandkids or my life, keep telling me to write a book.  I don’t know if I have patience for that but doing a bunch of short stories works for me.